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Children’s Scrap Project
137 Homerton High St
E9 6AS

Telephone 020 8985 6290

Opening hours
Open Mon 10am – 6.45pm
Open Tues, Weds & Thurs 12pm – 4.45pm
Closed Friday


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    1. Hello,

      The membership costs are displayed on the third page of the Membership application form. All members pay a fixed charge of £92 per annum plus a top up and VAT. Pricing varies depending on the number of members in the group. Groups with 30 members and under are charged £1.50 per member. For example, a group of 20 members and under will therefore pay £92 + £30 and VAT.

      If you require further information feel free to email us at or call us on 0208 985 6290.

      Thank you

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